CASA Open Day

11 to 15 of March of 2019

Hey guys!
Did you ever feel like you have to somehow appreciate all the good things you have and take for granted in your life? Now you have the chance to do so and to give back to the city and the people that welcomed you in your Erasmus journey. Make a difference in your Erasmus and let’s improve someone’s life by providing them a good cozy meal!
Come with us to help give someone a better night by:

Helping the homeless
11th, 12th and 15th of March at 7 pm
@CASA Centro de Apoio ao sem abrigo

CASA is an institution that helps people that do not have a home or families in risk situations, by mainly giving them a meal every day. We will give you the opportunity to work at their restaurant, where they give dinner to people in need. If you think that you won’t have time to do this all semester, but you want to come anyway, feel free to join us! 
Fill out this FORM and help us share some love!
Meeting Point: 19h00 / 7 pm at Teatro São João/Batalha (map here)

We are sorry! All tickets for this event are sold out.