Tandem with Buddies

13 of September of 2019

Hello Erasmus people,

A part of the Erasmus experience is the contact with other cultures and languages, and besides, you probably want to learn those basic phrases from other languages, it helps while traveling. If you are interested in learning other languages and also having a boost to meet other Erasmus from different parts of the world, then ESN Porto is glad to invite you to Tandem with Buddies.

What: Tandem with Buddies
When: Friday, 13th of September, 19h30
Where: Nortada (map here)
Price: Free! You pay only what you consume.
What to bring: Eagerness to learn new languages and your ESNcard.

A Tandem is an activity in which Erasmus students exchange some basics about their language while making new friendships. Don’t be shy and come show us the polyglot you are!

This is the perfect occasion to meet, speak and drink so don’t worry if you still don’t know anyone. We want to find out all the secrets and peculiarities of your countries. All the secrets that we can never find in a travel guide.

Numerous games and laughs are waiting for you as well because amusement is a universal language! You will also get the chance to know one of our partners, Nortada beer factory, and from 22:45 you will have the opportunity to see a concert in Nortada!

Also, take advantage of this special occasion and meet the person who has been writing to you for several weeks already! Start a new relationship and enjoy the rest of the national and international students!

Note: To participate in ESN activities, you must buy an ESNcard, at the ESN Porto office (map here). It will cost you 15€, it is valid for one year and allows you to benefit from lots of national and international discounts with our partners. You must bring a photo of yourself (passport type) when you come to the office to buy your card.

We know this is a free activity but please remember to register online, so we can provide you with the best event!

You are automatically registered to this activity when you click "Buy", no need to go to the ESN Office.

If you are an ESNbuddy you can join this event! Just show up, we’ll be expecting you!

Your polyglot friends,

ESN Porto

Data of your ESNcard

To make the purchase of this activity you must be a registered student in ESN Porto, and be in possession of your ESNcard.

If you have any problems during the purchase process, please, email us at myesncard-support@esnportugal.org.

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