Mobility Promotion

01 to 07 of June of 2020

Hey there, dear Erasmus lovers!

For the last campaign of this semester, we are preparing a promotion regarding mobility projects. We all know how enriching these programs can be, but for you to learn more about it, we asked ESNers and Erasmus that have participated in several and different types of mobility, to share their experiences with you. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about what you can gain by doing a mobility program. We thought everyone could use a little bit of extra-motivation and hope for a better future in these difficult times that we are all living. What’s more, it may inspire you to start planning your own mobility program. We want to help you, by not letting you lose track of aiming at your hopes and dreams. Because we are one human race, the world is one, and we need to be more connected than ever.

What: Mobility Promotion
When: 1st –7th of June
Where: ESN Porto Instagram account
Price: Free

Your Erasmus lovers friends,

ESN Porto

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