Train Party (SOLD OUT)

16 to 17 of February of 2019


Did you honestly think that ESN couldn’t get crazier? Did you REALLY think that ESN couldn’t surprise you anymore? If you thought so, we’re sad to say that you were WRONG! Because here we GO!

We know that we have MANY “Harry Potter” fans among us! But the Muggles are invited to join as well! Ready to obliviate without using any spell and embark in a crazy ESN adventure? Buy your railway ticket because we will take you to...

ESN Porto Express to BragaSaturday,
16th February
@São Bento Railway Station 7.50PM

(for the non-harry potter fans, what we’re trying to say is: TRAIN PARTYYY)

Now get ready to get Riddikulus!  

So this is how it’s gonna go:
We will gather so many erasmus students (and a bunch of ESN members, because you will need someone to protect you from the dark magic), put them all in a train and we will only stop in BRAGA! Braga is our oldest city, covered with secrets and many places to discover. Well, this will all be inspired in our loved Harry Potter, so, we will also form groups that will represent the different houses of Hogwarts! (Gryffindor for the win, by the way). As soon as we get on the train, we will have the FIRST EVER Quidditch game in ESN! This Championship is SIRIUS (get the joke? Sirius Black? Nevermind). The rules are simple: The House that drinks the most, completes the challenges and risks the most WINS! So, it’s going to be a very different City Tour, because all of this will happen in the perfect city of Braga!

Thought we would come back without a party? No way, Jose! 

After this, yes, we will come back to the best city of Portugal, our PORTO!

You probably already know that we take pride in having a bit of history with Harry Potter here, so there is no way we wouldn’t make this Train Party a bit magical... We’ll have some magic potions on board but don’t forget to bring a beer or two.

8.40pm- ESN Porto Express Depart to Braga
10pm- Welcome to Braga

10.30pm- Drunk City Tour 

1am- Clubbingggg Timeeeee

6am- ESN Porto Express Depart to PUOOOOOORTO!


Meeting Point: 7.50pm S.Bento Train Station (MAP HERE)
Price: 7 Euros
What is included:
  • Train ride Porto-Braga
  • City Tour
  • Party @Braga
  • A Lots of funnnn
  • Train Ride Braga- Porto
   Right now, even if you registered, you cannot buy the ticket to the train party, we are sold out!

Note: To participate in ESN activities, you must buy an ESNcard, at the ESN Porto office (map here). It will cost you 10€, it is valid for one year and allows you to benefit from lots of national and international discounts with our partners. You must bring a photo of yourself (passport type) when you come to the office to buy your card.


Your party wizards,

ESN Porto

We are sorry! All tickets for this event are sold out.